Allegan Airport Terminal Addition

Allegan Airport

We are excited to announce that the Allegan Airport Terminal Addition Final Photography is here!

Byce & Associates, Inc. provided Architectural and Engineering Services for the new 1,670 square foot Allegan Airport Terminal Addition in Allegan, Michigan. The Terminal Addition, located on the North-East corner of the existing hanger/office facility, includes Men’s and Women’s ADA Accessible Restrooms, Pilot Lounge, Pilot Briefing, General Lobby space, and Interior Connection from the existing to new addition to separate public and private entry points.

The Allegan Airport Terminal Addition was designed to comply with all FAA requirements, meet the needs of the local client, while also complying with FAA regulations of eligible costs for funding. All spaces were designed with flexibility in mind to allow for dedicated use by the airport and the public as needed. The building was oriented to provide the facility with an identifiable entry point, a velar view of the runway from the pilot lounge, and to maintain views from the existing office areas to the frequently used fuel pumps adjacent to the airfield.

Check out the Final Photography of the facility below!

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