Vicksburg Mill Redevelopment

Vicksburg Mill Master Plan

The Lee Paper Mill, aka, the Vicksburg Mill, built in 1904, is one of the few remaining, iconic mill structures that reflects the legacy of the Kalamazoo Valley Paper Industry, once a world leader in paper production. Paper City Development, LLC. purchased the property and is creating a life style destination, mixed-use development that ensures its legacy continues in the Vicksburg Community. The goal is for the Mill to once again be an integrated part of the community and provide local quality of life, jobs and entertainment, yet become a destination for those people around Michigan, the country, and beyond who are seeking a wonderful and unique experience. This mixed-use development, upon completion, could have spaces available for retail, interpretive museums, restaurants, higher education research, craft breweries, large indoor and outdoor event venues, artisan makers, and residential lofts apartments with a unique hotel and hospitality experience.

The master plan for this project was developed to meet objectives that included celebrating the legacy of the locale, from the earliest grist mills to the former paper mill to its current incarnation of the Mill and its role in the paper production industry, respecting the natural and built elements of the Mill property, inspire a sense of place, inquiry, discovery, and entertainment providing a rich, memorable experience.

Byce & Associates, Inc. is providing Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering services for the Vicksburg Mill Redevelopment. We are partnered with Robert Darvas Associates, providing Structural Engineering, Hopkins Burns Design Studio and Integrated Design Solutions, providing Architecture, and Johnson Hills Land Ethics Studio, providing Landscape Architecture. The Construction Manager of the project is Frederick Construction.

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  1. Noreen says

    This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see life there again! I hope that the lofts are affordable, as I would absolutely love to live there! Any chance that you might bring back the old steam whistle? I miss it!

  2. Mary Ann Hayward says

    As a lifelong resident of Vicksburg, it warms my heart to see such a wonderful development project being undertaken. The mill was such a.vibrant part of our community, both as Lee Paper Company and Simpson Lee. I remember my father working in personnel there and also starting the Lee News, a paper for employees. Thanks to all those involved for keeping our community “on the grow.”

  3. Shawn says

    It is great news to hear that plans for reuse of this historic property are finally moving forward. No great work comes easy, and this project has the potential to create a truly unique and significant impact on Vicksburg and the surrounding areas. Glad that this mill will be counted among those that have found new life, and not those that have met / are awaiting the wrecking ball. Good luck!

  4. Tim says

    Excited to hear of this project and follow its progress! Vicksburg is a great community and I hope this redevelopment can continue the upward trend for the area.

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