WILD Flavors, Inc.

WILD Flavors, Inc. WILD Flavors, Inc. WILD Flavors, Inc. WILD Flavors, Inc. WILD Flavors, Inc. WILD Flavors, Inc.
AM Todd Building Renovations

Design Program: 

Byce & Associates, Inc. provided Engineering Services for the renovation of the WILD Flavors, Inc. facility located on Douglas Avenue in Kalamazoo. The intent of the project was to renovate and upgrade the Flavor Manufacturing Areas of the facility to be fully code compliant. The program consisted of renovations to production, manufacturing, shipping and receiving, and employee amenity spaces.

General renovations included construction of new firewalls and separate hazardous compartments, new male and female locker rooms, modification to building egress components, relocation of battery charging stations for fork trucks, electrical power and lighting upgrades and new mechanical systems as required to bring the building into full code compliance.

The shipping and receiving area was renovated to provide additional recessed docks and upgraded existing dock equipment. All existing docks and associated equipment were replaced with new, more technologically advanced systems, to meet new facility standards.

Flavor manufacturing areas were renovated to meet new company standards, modifications included complete replacement of the existing mechanical and electrical systems to comply with high hazard, corrosive environments. The system designs were heavily coordinated with process equipment providers to ensure point of source exhaust systems would comply with industry requirements and ease of daily use.

Design Challenges: 

The renovation program was required to coordinate with a fully occupied and functioning manufacturing facility. All construction activities were phased to allow a shifting of functions within the building at several intervals. This required a high level of documentation and coordination, with local building officials, facilities management, and the construction manager.

Project Partners: