Western Michigan University, Western View Apartments

Western View Apartments

Design Program:

Byce & Associates, Inc. was contracted by Western Michigan University for Fundamental Commissioning of the Mechanical and Electrical systems for Western View Phases 1 & 2. Byce & Associates, Inc. began the commissioning process in November 2012 as an integral part of the construction and design team.

Commissioning was conducted on Furnace/Air Conditioning Units, IT Room Air Conditioners, Corridor Make Up Air Units, Fans, Domestic Water Heating, Lighting Controls, and Electrical Panels. The Commissioning Authority’s responsibilities included:

  • Performing construction field visits to review installations
  • Educating the construction/design team on commissioning responsibilities
  • Preparing functional checklists
  • Attending construction progress meetings
  • Scheduling, coordinating, and performing commissioning of systems
  • Reviewing test and balance procedure and report
  • Maintaining a commissioning issues log

After verification that systems were complete: functional testing was performed and documented by Byce & Associates, Inc. All systems were verified to be installed, calibrated, and performing to the Owner Project Requirements, Basis of Design, and Construction Documents. Throughout the commissioning process an issues log was maintained and communicated to the design team and contractors via the Construction Superintendent and commissioning progress meetings.