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Dust Collector

Design Program:

Byce & Associates, Inc. installed a new, optimized flow dust collection system for the Michigan Career and Technical Institute in Plainwell, Michigan. The dust collector was installed in the Main Shop area of the Cabinet Making Department. This option was sized for about sixty percent of the total flow and utilizes an energy management (EM) system to save energy. The EM system controls automatic gates installed in the branch exhaust ducts to allow shutting off air flows from unused equipment along with adjustment of the main exhaust blower VFD to vary the amount of exhaust air going to the collector dependent on need. The Main Shop will require make-up air to offset the air being exhausted through the dust collection system. This make-up air can be supplied either through traditional heated make-up air units or by filtering and returning the dust collection air back to the building. If traditional make-up air is to be used, the existing equipment should be replaced with new wing Steam Coil units to prevent coil freezing problems.