Life EMS of Kalamazoo, Inc

Life EMS of Kalamazoo Renovation/Addition Life EMS of Kalamazoo Renovation/Addition Life EMS of Kalamazoo Renovation/Addition Life EMS of Kalamazoo Renovation/Addition Life EMS of Kalamazoo Renovation/Addition
Renovation/Addition to Ambulance Facility

Design Program:

Enlarging the vehicle service bay area, adding indoor vehicle parking, providing training rooms and renovating this building to be able to obtain USGBC LEED Certification Level drove the design for this project. The building is operational 24 hours per day as the medical technicians   provide transportation services on an on-call basis and as well as a pre-scheduled basis. Vehicles are continuously departing and arriving to the building, being cleaned, restocked, and mechanically serviced. A business office, training rooms, shower facilities, locker room, medical supply stocking rooms, service bays, a maintenance shop, parking lots, and car ports were all incorporated into this project

Design Challenges:

The limited size of the inner city site and the owner’s desire to minimize roof penetrations were challenges in this project. Fire ratings came into play in adding window and louver opening on the westerly wall of the building as this wall is built directly on the property line.

Byce & Associates, Inc. provided commissioning services for the renovation and addition to the Ambulance Facility of Life EMS of Kalamazoo. The renovation and addition involved LEED v2.2 fundamental commissioning for the buildings Mechanical and Electrical systems. Byce & Associates, Inc. was responsible for leading, reviewing and overseeing the completion of the commissioning process activities. Byce & Associates, Inc. reviewed the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) and the design team’s Basis of Design (BOD) for clarity and completeness. We developed and incorporated commissioning requirements into the construction documents and developed and implemented a commissioning plan. After the verification of the installation and performance of the systems being commissioned, Byce & Associates, Inc. completed and issued a summary commissioning report to the projects owner.

Commissioning process activities were completed for the following energy related systems:

  • Heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems and associated controls.
  • Lighting and daylighting controls
  • Domestic hot water systems.

Commissioning Benefits:

Complete system documentation and owner’s integration with the commissioning team has increased the understanding of mechanical systems as well as improved the owner’s understanding of the maintenance requirements.

Scope of Commissioning Services:

All HVAC systems; Domestic hot water system; Lighting and day lighting control

Project Partners: