Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home

New Juvenile Detention and Educational Facility

Award Winning Project
ACEC of Indiana 2010 Engineering Excellence Merit Award

Design Program: The facility incorporates a 64 bed secure residential detention and treatment service area with a day treatment service unit for up to 72 adjudicated youth still living at their homes. The facility provides segregated classrooms, computer labs, science labs, home economics room, art workshop, wood work shops, and outdoor recreational areas for the 64 detained youth as well as the 72 adjudicated youth. A gymnasium and a lecture assembly space are provided that are accessible to the detained youth, the adjudicated youth, and the general public.

Design Challenges: The site design of fitting the building footprint onto a site, with a forty (40) foot grade differential, while allowing the existing Juvenile Home and the Family Court Building to remain occupied tremendously impacted the final design.

Byce & Associates, Inc. also provided commissioning services for the new Kalamazoo County Juvenile Detention Facility. The process began with in-depth design reviews of the mechanical construction documents. Construction checklists were developed for the commissioning team to complete as their systems were finished. These pre-functional checklists serve as quality control to verify all equipment is installed properly before systems are put into operation. Functional testing was led by Byce & Associates, Inc. Testing procedures were developed to verify performance of all mechanical systems, and the implementation of these performance tests was the heart of the commissioning work. In addition, test and balance of the air and water systems was verified through random samplings of these systems.

Throughout every stage of the commissioning process, Byce & Associates, Inc. tracked issues through the use of an “Issues Log”. This log has been the avenue to gage progress and was used by the entire commissioning team to resolve each issue. Byce & Associates, Inc. organized commissioning meetings, helped in identifying required owner training, as well as managing the issues log, pre-functional   checklists and functional testing.

Commissioning Benefits: Specific benefits of the commissioning process for this project include:

  • Insuring that the owner design intent was implicated in to the project.
  • Improves Building Operation and Maintenance & Owner Satisfaction

Scope of Commissioning Services:   All HVAC systems were commissioned including closed loop hydronic systems, air handling systems, air and water cooled refrigeration equipment, Heating hot water systems, domestic hot water systems, Temperature controls, generator, lighting and fire alarm.