Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

Kalamazoo Civic Theatre Kalamazoo Civic Theatre Kalamazoo Civic Theatre Kalamazoo Civic Theatre
Facility Conditions Assessment & Improvements

Design Program:

Byce & Associates, Inc. provided the Kalamazoo Civic Theatre with a building and facility assessment report along with a budget for repairs and upgrades that would secure their three buildings (Civic Theater, Carver Center Studio, and Parish Theater) future for the next 100 years. The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre then used the information to provide a timeline of funds needed to be able to secure the required repairs and upgrades. The total capital campaigns needed for the projects was $5.1 million, which they were able to raise with help from generous local donors and organizations.

In order to make the most of the capital campaign, the comprehensive facility condition assessment included investigating the following concerns that were identified, assessed, analyzed and quantified:

  • Civic Theatre copper roof replacement
  • Civic Theatre roof drain and storm drain replacement
  • Civic Theatre HVAC Systems repairs or upgrades
  • Civic Theatre emergency systems
  • Civic Theatre historical preservation and structural integrity repairs
  • Carver Center roof and roof drain – replacement
  • Carver Center HVAC & elevator – upgrades
  • Parish Theater roof, elevator lift & lobby – renovations

A recommended course of action was provided for each area of preservation, repair or replacement which included an estimated cost range per project. Projects were prioritized and have been completed during the summers when the theatre is dark. The report and its findings helped to assure that the pertinent items had been identified, that their costs were accounted for, and those that were implemented provided a sound and robust facility for decades to come.