FlowServe Corporation

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Lab Renovations and Remodel

Design Program:

Byce & Associates, Inc. provided architectural and engineering services for the FlowServe Corporation Lab Renovations in Kalamazoo, Michigan in order to transform an existing maintenance space into a world class testing facility. The project began with the demolition and removal of offices, utilities, mechanical systems, and the floor slab from within an existing 104’ long by 74’ wide by 24’ tall maintenance space. New foundations were installed to support the two new overhead bridge cranes. A recessed concrete pit was installed in roughly half of the room with a raised access flooring system for the distribution of utilities under the new testing cells. A new concrete floor slab with epoxy floor coating was installed in the remainder of the testing lab. A new storage mezzanine was installed in the space, as well as an elevated control room with butt-glazed curtain wall partitions to allow visual control over the entire testing space. Two new sets of stairs were installed; one for access to the control room and one for access to the adjacent office spaces. New mechanical systems were installed throughout the space, as well as new process piping, electrical distribution, and lighting. An adjacent 1,600 square foot build-up room was also remodeled and provided with new flooring, wall finishes, doors, ceilings, lighting, and power distribution.

Design Challenges:

The facility was to remain occupied throughout the construction process therefore, the team utilized systems that could be constructed with minimal interference on the surrounding office spaces. Extreme coordination between existing conditions and the design was needed in order to install two bridge cranes in the existing space. Coordinating and understanding FlowServe’s testing procedures was also needed to provide all necessary utilities and maximize their adaptability in the facility.