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Ferris State University, Granger Klett Lab Ferris State University, Granger Klett Lab Ferris State University, Granger Klett Lab Ferris State University, Granger Klett Lab
Klett Lab Upgrades Study

Design Program:

Ferris State University currently conducts a Michigan Department of Transportation class that offers certification in Bituminous materials. This class is currently taught in a separate facility off the main campus that is aging and is no longer desirable. The goal of this study and budget estimate is to relocate the instructional process to the existing Klett lab in the Granger facility.

The current setup in the Klett lab has four fume hoods connected to a standard up blast fan and a hood for heat removal above the program ovens. Currently the lab space shares air with the rest of the building and there have been occasional issues with fumes and odor migrating to the rest of the building. To address this issue and accommodate the increased use of the space the room layout needs to be modified.

A study was performed to address the needs identified by program staff and lab safety personnel, a new layout of the room furnishings and equipment will require modifications/upgrades to the electrical and mechanical systems. This is accomplished with new exhaust, make up air, electrical systems and architectural modifications, and a chemical storage building that will be outside of the existing room. This would establish the room as a laboratory per our code review.

The project goal was to accommodate new equipment and processes to be taught in the existing Klett lab space. To accomplish this, the project would be broken up into three phases:

  • First, a feasibility study and cost estimate.
  • Second, construction documents based on the study to facilitate the changes to the program.
  • Third, contract administration and close out of the construction phase.