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Delta County Jail

Jail and Sheriff’s Office

Design Program: Delta County jail was over 50 years old and located on the County Square and the Lake Michigan shorefront. A feasibility study was conducted to help alleviate jail overcrowding, the constant housing of prisoners outside the County, an aging and maintenance-heavy building, and a staff-intensive layout with difficulty monitoring inmate activities. By determining Delta County’s twenty-year Justice and Corrections needs, we were able to develop options for the facilities and create a plan to renovate an underutilized County asset and secure a housing pod for $2 million in savings.

Half of the County’s Service Center Facility is being converted into the Delta County Jail and Sheriff’s Office that includes administration stations, patrol division housing, investigation areas, evidence storage & processing, and support & training rooms. The conversion also will supply a jail kitchen & laundry room, inmate workers housing, and inmate medical stations. The new housing pod is being added to the existing Service Center to provide 164 beds of housing, indoor/outdoor recreation areas, and three classrooms. The addition includes modular steel cells, dormitory units, and an elevated control room. A new vehicular Sallyport and holding area are also being added to the courthouse to accommodate new inmate transports.

The renovation and addition have saved approximately $2.5 million in construction costs by repurposing an under-utilized county asset. The result of the study facilitated a fully-informed decision by the County Board and produced information to present to the community at large, which was well-received by the well-informed public.



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