Allegan County Jail & Sheriff’s Office

Renovation of former Hayworth Plant into Jail

Design Program: The project entails the architectural programming and design to renovate a former Haworth Seating Plant, 189,000 SF, located on 22 acres in Allegan County, Michigan to house Allegan County Jail and Sheriff’s Office.

The design process included conducting an intensive multi-day charrette. The charrette allowed all the stake-holders to be part of the process to determine the projected size and capacity of the new and future facilities, develop a space needs analysis and architectural program, develop a long term master plan of this site, determine a staffing and operational philosophy for the jail, develop a construction/ project budget, develop a staffing and operations budget which will all be verified throughout the design process periodically.

The initial build-out would provide approximately 375 beds, the master plan would allow for the future expansion to be within the existing footprint of the building and would be for additional Inmate Housing to accommodate up to 800 inmates. The master plan would be accomplished without future adjustment to the associated Sheriff’s Administration and Jail support spaces.

The initial build-out would include two (2) small additions to the facility as a new secure vehicular Sally Port and Outdoor Recreation area. The floor plan has been adapted to the existing framing system and optimizes the existing high bay areas by proposing a system of double stacked steel pre-fabricated cells therefore the existing structural framing will remain in place with minor revisions or reinforcing. The   mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, and other life safety building systems will be designed to be new in their entireties. The finished jail will be built out to include a state of the art security   automation system complete with door access, door monitoring control, and visual monitoring of all secure areas.