Byce & Associates, Inc.

Carly Buzz joins Byce & Associates, Inc. as an Administrative Project Coordinator. When Carly isn’t at work or making sure her husband and 2 children are fed, she enjoys having Happy Hour with her best friend, her dog Snax. She can usually be found with her nose in a book or making wise cracks at the local watering hole. Carly slogs through life as a Lions fan and is happiest on her couch watching them blow it with 2 minutes left in the game.

Andrew Pyle joins Byce & Associates, Inc. as a Mechanical Engineer. New to Byce and new to Kalamazoo, Andrew is a recent graduate of Wayne State University. When home in Portage, he can be found with friends at Jac’s for a drink, watching football during the season, or at Climb Kalamazoo!

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