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Bell’s Brewery, Inc.

Two Hearted Addition

Design Program: The Bell’s Brewery, Inc. Two Heated Addition was designed to accommodate 16 new Two Hearted 400 BBC fermentation tanks. The structure has precast wall systems with a structural steel framework. The tank support structure is constructed with cast-in-place concrete columns and steel support framework complete with a multi-level mezzanine structure to provide access to all tanks and connection to the existing 800 BBC fermentation area. The structural steel tank support frame is approximately 9 feet above floor level. The space is provided with expansive areas of exterior curtain walls to allow natural light deep into the space, and for showcasing the process equipment as a focal point at the entry to the facility. The upper mezzanine area has a monorail system and hoist way to provide easy access for hops deployment from production staff.



Galesburg, MI

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